Information About The Proposed Stryker Settlement

The proposed Stryker Rejuvenate and ABG-II Modular Hip Settlement is truly a historic settlement. proposed Stryker Rejuvenate and ABG-II Modular Hip Settlement The Stryjer Corporation is to going to being paying over a billion dollars to resolve claims

The proposed Stryker Rejuvenate and ABG-II Modular Hip settlement is the result of creative and ingenious work done by the lawyers representing the Plaintiffs, the Defendant, and the Judges overseeing this case. Typically a settlement is not reached so early in litigation. Usually, before a proposed settlement is offered, there is comprehensive discovery, several bellwether trials, and a voluminous motion practice. This usually takes four plus years to accomplish.

Instead, in these cases, under the watchful eyes of Judge Brian Martinotti and Judge Donovan Frank, bellwether mediations took place. This process entailed having several cases mediated before retired judges to see if there was any common ground. These mediations were held very early on in the coordinated action. By having these mediations so early on in the process, it allowed both sides to flush out the issues and come to a potential resolution.

These mediations resulted in a proposed settlement of over $1 Billion dollars. It includes a base amount of $300,000 (claimants with attorneys) to every qualifying claimant with enhancement payments to reflect what each claimant went through. The important date that all potentially eligible claimants must be aware of is March 2, 2015. This date is important because it is the Enrollment Deadline.

To learn more about this settlement, click on the links below to read some of the official documents from the courts.

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