Truck Crashes

The trucking industry is governed by strict regulations to prevent accidents. When accidents occur, it is often due to a company or driver not following those rules. The DiCello Law Firm has a team of experienced truck accident attorneys who can help.

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Truck Crash Injury

The DiCello Law Firm played the lead role in one of the nation’s largest tractor-trailer crashes. The crash changed the lives of families from around the United States.

Truck Crash Injury It’s supposed to be all about safety!

Cargo Shift Crashes

When a truck’s trailer isn’t loaded right, the load can shift and cause the whole truck to turn over or jackknife. This may lead to serious injury and death to not only other vehicles but also the trucker.

Truck Crash Injury Who is responsible for the improper loading of the truck?

Improper Left Turns

Many preventable truck accidents occur when a trucker makes an improper or illegal left turn. Every truck driver, whether interstate or intrastate, is taught the proper technique involved in a left turn.

Improper Left Turns A truck driver must make sure to reach the center of the intersection before starting the left turn.

Truck Driver Fatigue

Fatigue (being tired) and lack of alertness are big problems for truck drivers and the trucking industry. Some argue it’s the biggest threat our highway safety.

Truck Driver Fatigue The only safe cure for fatigue is for a trucker to get off the road and get some sleep

Truck Company Responsibility

Every time a truck crash occurs the truck driver has rules to follow that are different from car drivers. For instance, it’s common for truck companies to tell their drivers to never admit fault no matter the truth of the crash.

Truck Company Responsibility Trucking rules are different from car rules

Insurance and Big Truck Crashes

Trucks and Truck companies are required to carry higher insurance limits than any car driver because the industry understands that there is no such thing as a minor truck crash.

Insurance and Big Truck Crashes Minimum coverage is at least $750,000

How Truck Crashes are Different

Everyone understands that the size and weight of a truck makes them generally more dangerous to operate than cars. But there is more...

Truck Crashes are Different Big Trucks Have a Higher Center of Gravity That Make them More Dangerous

Complex Truck Crash Litigation

Truck crashes often result in multiple injuries and sometimes, unfortunately, multiple fatalities. The crashes often result in many lawyers that may be local or from around the Country participating in the case.

Complex Truck Crash Litigation An Organized Approach is Necessary to Prosecute Complex Truck Litigation

Trucking Statistics by the Numbers

Every year there are thousands of truck accidents. These accidents are more dangerous than a typical accident. They are more dangerous because trucks can weigh a lot more than a typical passenger car.

Trucking Statistics Since 1992, there have been more than 100,000 fatalities as a result of truck accidents