Burn Injury

The experience of a burn injury victim can be summed up by a comment of a client of the DiCello Law Firm. Don was asked to explain his injury, he said simply: "There is a reason why hell is described in the Bible as a sea of fire, there is nothing more painful or scary." Burn Injury Hell is described in the Bible as a sea of fire

The DiCello Law Firm has represented people injured through burns caused by fire, chemical exposure, electrical current, scalding liquids, and defective products including clothing, fabric and other textiles.

Examples include house fires caused by natural gas explosions, faulty natural gas valves, failures of smoke detectors, oven failures and furnace failures as well a children’s clothing that catches fire have all cause such injuries.

Challenges of Burn Victims

The challenge facing victims of burn injury in court is different from other cases because many times the evidence of what caused the burn is destroyed by the same fire or heat that causes the burn injury. Many of the lawyers at the DiCello Law Firm began their carriers as prosecutors prosecuting crimes involving arson on behalf of the victims of arson.

The lawyers understand the hard work necessary to preserve evidence. They are also aware of the resources such as OSHA regulations, fire safety codes and rules and materials that if followed may have prevented the injury. The DiCello Law Firm lawyers also work with a team of independent fire investigation experts that analyze chemical composition, flammable materials and other factors to determine who or what may be responsible for the injury.

The lawyers at the DiCello Law Firm understand the extraordinary costs associated with burn injury and are committed to obtaining all the compensation you deserve including compensation for pain and suffering, emotional trauma, medical costs, lost income and future earnings.


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How many People are Injured Annually?

Tragically, burn injury occurs frequently. Each year an estimated half million Americans are treated for burns, 40,000 are hospitalized and 4,000 die from fires or burns.

If you or someone you know has suffered a burn injury that you believe was caused by someone else’s mistake, whether that someone was a person or a major corporation, manufacturer or utility company, call the burn injury lawyers at The DiCello Law Firm. Our burn injury lawyers who specialize in such cases will help you. We regularly work with some of the most accomplished experts in the country to obtain compensation for burn injuries you or a loved one has suffered.