Bicycle Accidents

Drivers of cars have a heightened responsibility to people on bicycles. And that makes sense. The driver of a car will always be at an advantage in a crash with a bicycle because of the size and weight of the car. Bicycle Accidents A car driver's failure to realize or acknowledge the presence of a bicyclist is unacceptable.

That’s why bicycle accidents can be so dangerous, even fatal for the bicyclist victim.

Whenever a car driver has reason to suspect the driver of a bicycle may be in the area where a car is being driven, they need to exercise extreme caution. The car driver needs to be cautious so they don’t inadvertantely turn in front of a bicyclist or fail to yield to a bicyclist at an intersection. Drivers of cars also have to be aware that failing to stop at a stop sign or running through a red light while dangerous for another vehicle driver can be fatal for a bicyclist.

A Car Driver's Responsibility

A car driver's failure to realize or acknowledge the presence of a bicyclist is unacceptable. Therefore, a car drive cannot fail make the mistake of failing to look both ways before continuing travel after a stop or yield sign, nor can the driver of a car ever allow themselves to operate a car under the influence of drugs or alcohol. The risks are just too great.


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Whenever someone on a bicycle is struck by a car questions are asked: Who had the light? Was the intersection properly marked? Who had the right of way? Many times surveillance cameras are available to help us answer those questions. Records from the local municipal agency may also be available. But one fact is certain, The DiCello Law Firm lawyers understand what evidence needs to be secured. Once that’s done the medical and economic experts and other work can be done to secure the resolution necessary to care for what may be a lifetime of needs.