Amputation Injury

In the United States, there are an estimated 1.7 million people living with an amputation and approximately 135,000 new amputations yearly. While 75% of all amputations occur in persons over the age of 65, the peak age for limb loss is between 41 and 70. Amputation Injury For the victims these injuries change not just how they view themselves but how they are viewed in society

Amputation injuries are among the most challenging. For the victims these injuries change not just how they view themselves but how they are viewed in society.

The Dilemma of Amputation Injury Victims

For the victims the questions keep coming: How will I find work? Will I work again? Will I be accepted by others? How will I live my day to day life?

For a traumatic amputation, hospital stays range from days to two weeks, depending on the circumstances. Almost immediately after surgery, the victim of an amputation will be encouraged to start moving their affected limb to promote circulation of the area. Physical therapy and rehabilitation will usually be commenced within 48 hours of surgery, as studies have shown that early rehabilitation promotes healing. Early rehabilitation also promotes acceptance of the amputation.

However, the healing process takes time. That’s because there are many health issues that can affect amputees both in the early days of recovery and further down the road. Many of these issues can be managed proactively, before they occur. Health care professionals need to be vigilant for such complications. In addition, the patient needs to be aware of the potential for these complications

Challenges facing Amputation Patients

No matter what causes the amputation the challenges are continuous. An individual may need a medical care for their lifetime, repeated surgery, multiple expensive prostheses, periodic hospitalization, psychiatric care, physical therapy, job training or retraining, construction costs to outfit a home and transportation issues. Often, the amputation happens at work and the party responsible claims workers compensation immunity or they offer a quick settlement rather than work with the victim in finding out the real costs of care. Insurance companies are usually behind an insufficient settlement offer that does not take the long-term effects of the amputation into account because they would rather pacify and silence the victim, than take responsibility for the suffering of the victim. At the DiCello Law Firm the question of compensation is serious.


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A token settlement is never enough. The law provides dismemberment injury victims the right to take legal action against the person whose misconduct caused their injury, helping provide the care they need to continue life. This action doesn’t just help you – it can protect others from future negligence and injury and bring vital attention to the cause of accidental amputees.

If you or someone you know has suffered an amputation injury, call the lawyers at The DiCello Law Firm. Our trial lawyers who specialize in such cases will help you. We regularly work with some of the most accomplished experts in the country to obtain compensation for the amputation injuries you or a loved one has suffered due to the mistakes of another.