Types of Asbestos

There are six types of the mineral referred to as asbestos. They are briefly discussed below. They were generally sought after due to their anti-corrosive character and inability to conduct heat or electricity. Six Types For a time asbestos was even used in cigarette filters

If you ignore their lethal cancer and disease causing properties, some types of the mineral were great for countless industrial and commercial applications. In fact, for a time asbestos was even used in cigarette filters.

Actinolite Asbestos

Actinolite is straight and thin. It’s inflexible. There weren’t industrial uses for actinolite yet it’s been found as a contaminant in products associated with the drywall industry. Clients who have worked as drywall hangers, finish carpenters and painters have been diagnosed with asbestos related diseases because of this mineral.

Amosite Asbestos

Amosite, like actinolite has needle-like fibers. It resists heat. It’s very strong. Unlike its relative acticnolite, amosite, was used in industry. Its common uses were in drywall and pipe insulation. It was the second-most common type of asbestos used in the U.S.

Anthophyllite Asbestos

Anthophyllite is rare. It wasn’t commercially desirable for many reasons. Like actinolite, it’s a dangerous contaminant. It’s been identified as a carcinogen in insulation (known as vermiculite) and talc powder.


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Chrysotile Asbestos

Chrysotile is the most commercially used form of the mineral. It was used in up to 95% of commercial applications of asbestos in the U.S. It’s been considered “less dangerous” since it’s less likely to cause mesothelioma than other forms of the mineral. That’s cold comfort to those who suffered and continue to suffer illness including mesothelioma, asbestosis and other cancers because they were exposed to chrystotile in products like brake pads and insulation and other products.

Crocidolite Asbestos

This is the most dangerous form of asbestos. It’s dangerous primarily because of the thinness of its fibers. Their tiny thin shape make the fibers easy to inhale and ingest. It was commonly used in insulating products from battery casings to steam engines and many other uses.

Tremolite Asbestos

Tremolite like actinolite, and anthophyllite is considered a contaminant. And like its relatives it has been found in talc powders, vermiculite, etc...

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