Allergic Reactions/Medical Malpractice

Everyone knows somebody who suffers from an allergy. But did you know that each year roughly 50,000 people are admitted to Emergency Rooms across the United States because of allergic reactions? Allergic Reactions As A Result Of Medical Malpractice Several hundred people die each year in the United States from the failure to properly diagnose and treat allergic reactions

Or, that several hundred people die each year in the United States from the failure to properly diagnose and treat these allergic reactions.

Failure To Read Or Chart A Patient’s Allergies Can Be Devastating

This can happen when a doctor or other healthcare provider fails to chart or read the list of a patient’s allergies so that a drug the patient is allergic to is not administered.

The medical community is well aware that certain drugs such as morphine and x-ray dye are a potential cause of anaphylactic-like reactions (anaphylactoid reactions). These reactions are not the same as the immune system response that occurs with "true" anaphylaxis. However, the symptoms, risk for complications, and treatment are the same for both types of reactions.

The most common drug allergies are caused by Penicillin and other antibiotics. However, common allergy-causing drugs also include:

  • Anticonvulsants
  • Insulin
  • Iodinated X-Ray Dyes
  • Sulfa Drugs
  • Anti-Coagulants.

Heparin-Induced Thrombocytopenia Has Dire Consequences

Just one example of such a reaction to an Anti-Coagulant is Heparin-induced thrombocytopenia (HIT). Medical Malpractice causing HIT occurs when a patient with a known allergy to heparin is nonetheless given heparin by a physician or nurse.


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HIT is an important and life-threatening complication. HIT can cause skin lesions at heparin injection sites, necrosis, and even the severe and systemic development of blood clots. There are many other drug reactions that can be prevented but sadly are not because of mistakes made by medical professionals.

The DiCello Law Firm Has Recovered Millions For Victims Of Bad Drug Reactions

If you or a loved one suffered severe injury or death from an avoidable drug reaction that may have from the negligence of a health care provider or others, contact The DiCello Law Firm.