Wrongful Imprisonment - Jailed And Held Beyond Release Date

Is someone you know serving time in jail and being held beyond their release date? Has the time passed when everyone thought they’d be coming home? Wrongful Imprisonment - Jailed And Held Beyond Release Date Every year men and women are held in prisons all over this country beyond the date they are supposed to get out

If you answered yes to any of the above, then you need to consult with a lawyer to find out whether a false imprisonment or wrongful imprisonment case exists. These cases require the kind of effort, knowledge, and skill that The DiCello Law Firm provides. Read on to learn about what it means to be illegally imprisoned.

Does Wrongful Imprisonment still happen?

Unfortunately, every year men and women are held in prisons all over this country beyond the date they are supposed to get out. Dates are miscalculated. Credit for time served is denied. When prison authorities ignore a court order to release a prisoner, the illegally detained persons can sue the state or federal agency or prison that held them too long in jail.

It happens. Prison staff stop caring about the people they oversee. They don’t look in their files and do simple tasks, like check to see that a prisoner is properly scheduled to leave. And to make matters worse, in a few instances, the prison staff acts to deliberately harm the prisoner. The prisoner sits and jail, precious days of their life fading away.

The false imprisonment, illegal detention claim

This type of Civil Rights lawsuit involves a false imprisonment, illegal detention claim. The federal government and all states have laws that allow the wrongfully detained to make a claim for compensation. To find out what the laws are and what you can do for a friend or family member who is being illegally held beyond their release date, contact The DiCello Law Firm.


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Taking on a prison system for wrongdoing is not easy legal work. The DiCello Law Firm investigates and prosecutes these kinds of cases for the falsely imprisoned and illegally confined. With no one to side with them, these prisoners often suffer the extreme cruelty of being ignored, of being disregarded for their prior mistakes while the system has them sit in prison unlawfully. For this kind of wrongdoing federal and state laws give you, your friend, or your loved one the right to collect for each day they were illegally held in jail.

Fairness has to prevail

The DiCello Law Firm believes that when a prisoner is ignored and made to sit in prison beyond the day when they were to be released, basic human decency, if not fairness, demands that the prisoner be compensated. The money that can be won in these cases by The DiCello Law Firm gives the prisoner a chance to build some kind of future where prison is no longer the final destination.

Don’t wait a moment longer. To learn more, contact The DiCello Law Firm today. Someone will get back to you and give you the help and advice you or your family member or friend deserve.