Wrongful Imprisonment

Is someone you know serving time for a crime they did not commit? Are they waiting for the day when they might be exonerated? Has someone close to you been put in jail by the authorities under questionable circumstances? Explaining Wrongful Imprisonment To find out what the laws are in the state you’re in, contact The DiCello Law Firm.

If you answered yes to any of the above, then you absolutely need a lawyer to help you understand whether a wrongful imprisonment case exists. These cases require the kind of extraordinary advocacy that The DiCello Law Firm provides. Read on to learn about what it means to be wrongfully imprisoned.

It’s unfortunate that innocent people go to jail in America. Evidence is ignored. False testimony is created. When the police ignore evidence or participate in the creation of false testimony, innocent persons are able to sue the city police department that falsely sent them to jail.

Coorsed Testimony Cases

Very rarely, police pressure witnesses to give testimony that isn’t right. And to make matters worse, when bad evidence is sometimes brought to the attention of prosecutors, they side with the police. The innocent person sits and jail, their life wasting away.


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This type of Civil Rights lawsuit involves a wrongful imprisonment claim. The federal government, the District of Columbia, and 27 states have laws that allow the wrongfully accused to make a claim for compensation. To find out what the laws are in the state you’re in, contact The DiCello Law Firm.

Accusing the police of doing unjust things in the gathering of evidence is a very serious matter. The DiCello Law Firm investigates and prosecutes these kinds of cases for the wrongfully imprisoned. With no money, housing, transportation, health services or insurance, and a criminal record that is rarely cleared despite innocence, the punishment lingers long after innocence has been proven.

New Start

The DiCello Law Firm believes that when an innocent person has had his life literally seized and tossed into the horrors of prison, justice and fairness demand that the innocent person be compensated. The money that can be won in these cases by The DiCello Law Firm gives the innocent person a chance to start over – and maybe get a chance at having a normal life again.

To learn more, don’t wait. Contact The DiCello Law Firm today. Someone will get back to you and give you the help and advice you or your family member or friend deserve.