Police Misconduct

It is an unfortunate fact that each year people are wrongly prosecuted for crimes they never committed. Sometimes, detectives, police officers, and other law enforcement agents go overboard andd commit acts of misconduct. They believe that a citizen is guilty before they have all the facts. Police Misconduct ...And in the end, they sometimes convict the innocent.

Their belief drives them to get a conviction. They push witnesses to give statements, even if the statements are not entirely true. They take the prosecution personally. And in the end, they sometimes convict the innocent.

The DiCello Law Firm believes one of the most important tasks it performs is working for the wrongly accused and those who should have never been subject to governmental intrusion or punishment. The DiCello Law Firm believes that justice requires the protection of every citizen’s constitutional rights.

Most Law enforcement officers are good.

Be clear. The DiCello Law Firm lawyers are not of the opinion that all officers are dirty. Far from it, most are good people trying to keep our towns, cities, and villages safe. And although most police officers do a good job of protecting us and deserve our thanks, there are some who don't care how they treat others.


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The DiCello Law Firm exists to hold accountable those cops who just don’t care. The Firm believes that the denial of constitutional rights by unnecessary, excessive force, baseless prosecutions and other acts off misconduct is simply wrong. Police misconduct of every kind is the focus of this part of The DiCello Firm’s work.

If you or someone you know has been victimized by police misconduct, give The DiCello Law Firm a call. Don’t wait. Do it now.