Firearms Misuse And Losses Due To Wrongful Shooting

Have you or someone you know suffered the tragic loss of a loved one due to a police officer’s bullet? Is someone you know recuperating in a hospital after the police mistook them for a criminal? Did a friend call the police or emergency medical team or fire department in their city, only to find that the rescuers became the attackers? Firearms Misuse And Wrongful Shooting Losses When police fire their weapons, they sometimes shoot too soon, too often, or too early.

If you answered yes to any of the above, then you absolutely must speak with a lawyer now to find out whether an excessive force (wrongful shooting) case exists. These cases require the unique understanding of police procedure, protocol, and the constitutional limits of force that an officer may use in a given situation.

The DiCello Law Firm has experience in these kinds of cases and has returned justice to those whose lives have been destroyed by wrongful police shootings. Read on to learn about a wrongful shooting case.

How does Firearms Misuse happen?

When police fire their weapons, they sometimes shoot too soon, too often, or too early. The wrong person is shot. Malicious threats are made or violent actions are taken by over-zealous officers. Innocent people get injured. Citizens die. When police officers, FBI agents, ATF agents, or other government agents engage in a wrongful shooting, the injured person and their family is allowed to sue the state or federal agent and the employer of that officer who wrongfully shot them.

A woman sitting at home caring for her newborn hears a knock at the door. She opens the door. Police barge in. Her husband, asleep upstairs comes racing down to see what the commotion is all about. Bang. He is shot. He dies. The child is left fatherless, the woman becomes a widow. And all of that happens because the police react too fast, don’t take proper steps before using force, or are reckless in their duties. The suffering in these kinds of cases is extreme.


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The wrongful shooting claim

This type of Civil Rights lawsuit involves a wrongful shooting claim. The federal government and all states have laws that allow the wrongfully shot and their families to make a claim for compensation. To find out what you, your family, or your loved ones can do for a friend or family member who was wrongfully shot, contact The DiCello Law Firm.

Taking on a the police in a wrongful shooting case is technical, difficult legal legal work. It requires excellent advocacy, the kind The DiCello Law Firm is known for. The DiCello Firm investigates and prosecutes wrongful shootings. Having been betrayed by the authorities, these families suffer fear of being harmed, a lack of personal safety, extreme grief and emotional loss, and financially and psychologically devastating circumstances. For this kind of wrongdoing juries understand that the federal and state laws give you, your friend, or your loved one the right to be compensated for this kind of horrendous loss.

The DiCello Law Firm believes that when a wrongful shooting occurs, justice requires that the injured person and their family be compensated. The money that can be won in these cases by The DiCello Law Firm gives the victims of wrongful shootings a chance to heal, to seek treatment, and in some small way re-build a life devastated by police violence.

Don’t wait to learn more. Contact The DiCello Law Firm today. Someone will get back to you and give you the help and advice you or your family member or friend deserve.