False Imprisonment Explained – Employer, Security Guard, Police

Has your employer held you or a friend in a store room or office for little or no reason? Has a bouncer at a bar done something like that to you or a friend or relative? Has a police officer kept you or a family member or friend in jail just because he could? False Imprisonment Explained – Employer, Security Guard, Police ...they had no legal justification to confine you

If you answered yes to any of the above, then you absolutely need a lawyer to help you figure out what to do next. These cases require the superior advocacy that The DiCello Law Firm provides. Read on to learn about what it means to be wrongfully imprisoned.

Examples of False Imprisonment

Employers sometimes conduct bogus investigations, keep employees in rooms for unjust questioning or other purposes, and/or push the police to arrest with false or shaky information to fulfill their own agenda.

Bar patrons pack night clubs every weekend. They are sometimes roughed up and falsely imprisoned by security guards from the nightclub, prior to being handed over to the police or fellow guards. The guards often do this simply because they think they can.

Police officers may hold someone in jail for days without establishing probable cause or other lawful reasons to do so. They may keep the person in jail on the off chance that evidence of wrongdoing surfaces. They may just keep the person there for the sake of keeping them in jail.

In all three of these situations, the key to a false arrest case hinges on the fact that the person who holds you in a store room, bathroom, office, or jail cell knows or should have known that they had no legal justification to confine you. If the night club owner, bouncer, employer or police officer does this, they can be held accountable.

What are my Legal Options?

Accusing your employer or a business owner or police officer of falsely imprisoning you is an exceedingly serious matter. The DiCello Law Firm investigates and prosecutes these kinds of cases. When night club workers, bosses, or security personnel abuse their authority, ignore information, conduct half-witted investigations, urge the police to make arrests for personal reasons, or simply seek to embarrass or annoy, the humiliation and shame of being denied your basic right to freedom can ruin your life, making it difficult to trust, socialize, work, or meet with people.


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The DiCello Law Firm believes that when an innocent person’s liberty has been taken away by a bar employee, security guard, employer or police officer, justice requires that the innocent person be paid for his suffering and harm. The money that can be won in these cases by The DiCello Law Firm gives the innocent person a chance to move on with their life, to heal old wounds and to teach their employer that ordinary people must never be abused in this way.

To learn more, don’t wait. Contact The DiCello Law Firm today. Someone will get back to you and give you the help and advice you or your family member or friend deserve.