Civil Rights

Lawyers at the DiCello Law Firm have helped numerous individuals whose constitutional rights have been violated by, or who have been injured by, cities and police officers. We can help ensure that you are compensated for the abuse of your rights.

The following articles might help you find more information about specific topics within the Civil Rights practice area. Civil Rights


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Civil Rights

Every American citizen is unique in the whole world, because they enjoy the benefits of the United States Constitution and the Bill of Rights. The Bill of Rights essentially ensures that no man or woman in a police or government uniform is above the law.

Civil Rights No man or woman in a police or government uniform is above the law

Police Brutality

Has someone you know complained that an officer treated them violently or physically abused them in uniform? Have you or someone close to you been put in the hospital by the authorities under questionable circumstances?

Unreasonable Force, Excessive Force, Police Brutality Excessive force or police brutality cases, require truly extraordinary effort and advocacy

Wrongful Imprisonment

Is someone you know serving time for a crime they did not commit? Are they waiting for the day when they might be exonerated? Has someone close to you been put in jail by the authorities under questionable circumstances?

Explaining Wrongful Imprisonment To find out what the laws are in the state you’re in, contact The DiCello Law Firm.

Police Misconduct

It is an unfortunate fact that each year people are wrongly prosecuted for crimes they never committed. Sometimes, law enforcement agents go overboard andd commit acts of misconduct. They believe that a citizen is guilty before they have all the facts.

Police Misconduct ...And in the end, they sometimes convict the innocent.

Firearms Misuse And Losses Due To Wrongful Shooting

Have you or someone you know suffered the tragic loss of a loved one due to a police officer’s bullet? Is someone you know recuperating in a hospital after the police mistook them for a criminal?

Explaining Wrongful Imprisonment When police fire their weapons, they sometimes shoot too soon, too often, or too early.

Abuse of Process

Has someone you know been sued by the government or another citizen for a bogus reason? Have you been sued or charged with a crime because someone at a police department or government agency had a vendetta or an ulterior purpose?

Abuse of Process These cases require trial lawyers who understand what is required in exposing a lawsuit filed for an ulterior motive