Texting Drivers

The number of drivers causing crashes while texting continues to rise. Studies show that texting drivers are as dangerous as drunk drivers. The act of texting causes the driver focus on the mobile device rather than the road. Texting Drivers Once danger is perceived action has to be taken

That requires the driver ‘s eyes and at least one hand to shift from the act of driving to typing. When that happens the driver gives up reaction time in a number of ways.

The first is perception of time or the ability to see a danger. The second is reaction time. Once danger is perceived action has to be taken. In order to re-orient to the road with the eyes and car with both hands takes valuable reaction time from the driver.

Government agencies including departments of transportation, local and state police have all put out public service announcements on the dangers of texting while drivers. Private safety groups and even the mobile phone industry have also joined in issuing public service announcements. The fact is, whenever a driver chooses to text and drive, that driver has intentionally chosen self interest over safety.


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If you or a loved one suspects that a texting driver has caused a crash they were in, then step must be taken in order to preseve evidence of that bad conduct. The lawyers at The DiCello Law Firm have the experience in investigation to secure the evidence of texting and to help use that evidence to secure the high value resolution of your case.