Pedestrian Injuries

Whenever a car strikes a person, catastrophic injury and death can occur. Death rates and serious injury rates of people hit by cars are high because of the size and weights of cars versus people. Pedestrian Injuries Most people struck by vehicles are hit in crosswalks, sidewalks, or parking lots

Any person on foot, struck by any vehicle – car, truck, motorcycle, etc. – must be aware of cars around them and drivers of cars must be aware of pedestrians around them. Most people struck by vehicles are hit in crosswalks, sidewalks, or parking lots though these events can happen anywhere foot and vehicle traffic meet.

Children and the elderly are most at risk for these types of events. Children, may be spontaneous and ... act like kids. Any driver who is in a vehicle where children may be playing, walking, etc., must be diligent to take all possible precautions to avoid a situation where a child may run into streets after toys, pets or other kids.


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Older people pose a different risk to drivers. The elderly are at risk because of the effects of age. They may be physically weak, using walking aids, they may be unable to move around quickly, have vision issues or may suffer from mental or dementia issues.

Whenever a person is struck by a car questions are asked: Who had the light? Was the intersection properly marked? Who had the right of way? Many times surveillance cameras are available to help us answer those questions. Records from the local municipal agency may also be available. But one fact is certain, The DiCello Law Firm lawyers understand what evidence needs to be secured. Once that’s done the medical and economic experts and other work can be done to secure the resolution necessary to care for what may be a lifetime of needs.