Negligent Entrustment

Often times the most horrible crashes are caused by the most irresponsible drivers -- drivers without licenses, or with suspended licenses, or without insurance or even the ability to safely drive a car. In order to get behind the wheel they have to rely on friends and even family to turn a blind eye and allow them to drive. Negligent Entrustment Injuries The most horrible crashes are caused by the most irresponsible drivers

When they do, these family and friends may also be responsible for the crash. So long as it is proven that someone else has knowingly, either through actual knowledge or through knowledge implied from known facts and circumstances, allowed their car to be driven by an inexperienced or incompetent driver whose bad driving caused the crash, that person and their insurance company may become responsible for the injuries caused in the crash.


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If you or someone you know has been injured by someone who allowed an incompetent person to drive their car call The DiCello Law Firm. Our lawyers who specialize in such cases will help you. We regularly work with some of the most accomplished experts in the country to obtain compensation for injuries you or a loved one has suffered. The DiCello Firm lawyers have successfully represented clients throughout the northeast who have been seriously hurt or died as a result of vehicle owners who wrongly allowed others to drive their cars.