Hit and Run Injuries

The fact is, some people that cause car crashes don’t stick around to exchange information. Worse yet, some drivers even flee the scene rather than obey their legal duty to exchange information with the victim of the crash. These people are hit and run drivers. Hit and Run Injuries What Can I Do To Prove I Was Hit By A Hit And Run Driver?

Does My Insurance Company Cover Hit And Run Accidents?

Most insurance policies put restrictions on your ability to recover for harms and losses caused by hit and run drivers. The most common condition the victim has to meet is identifying the hit and run driver.This can be a challenge.

What Can I Do To Prove I Was Hit By A Hit And Run Driver?

Fortunately the law doesn’t always require a definite identification. But corroborative evidence has to collected as soon as possible. This evidence can be the actual paint transferred from the wrongdoer’s car to the victim’s car or even a statement from a witness may be enough.


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How Can The DiCello Law Firm Help Me Prove I Was Hit By A Hit And Run Driver?

Whenever someone is a victim of a hit and run The DiCello Law Firm lawyers understand what evidence needs to be secured. They will take the steps necessary to collect that evidence and do the work to secure the hig value resolution necessary to care for what may be a lifetime of needs.