Unsafe Vehicles

Unsafe vehicles are a danger to everyone on the road. It is every car driver’s duty to keep their car maintained for the safety of others. Virtually all of a vehicle’s mechanical systems can affect safety if not properly maintained. Crashes Due to Unsafe Vehicles Don't Ignore Signs That A Car Needs Maintenance

Every driver should consider their vehicle from front to back, bottom to top.

Sadly, all too often, car owners and those paid to service their vehicles fail to perform proper and routine maintenance. If a vehicle is not maintained in good condition it could cause a serious crash. Maintenance regimes vary widely from one vehicle to another but some maintenance issues are simpler than others.

Everyone Is Capable of Maintaining Their Car

Car owners can easily make sure their lights work, make sure the light lenses are clean and always ensure a vehicle’s headlights, taillights, directional signals, and interior lights are in proper working order. Even wiper blades that don’t work can affect a car driver’s visibility and cause a crash. Likewise if rearview and side view mirrors are not kept in proper condition or pointed in the correct, a crash can result.

Don't Ignore Signs That A Car Needs Maintenance

Tires and brakes are also simple to maintain and can cause disaster if ignored. Bald, excessively worn, or improperly inflated tires can rob a driver of the ability to control a vehicle. Likewise if a driver ignores any strange sounds when brakes are applied, such as grinding or squeaking sounds, then an important opportunity may be lost to have brakes inspected and avoid a crash.

How Does This Effect You?

When an owner of a car ignores the warning signs of required maintenance to their car, it can cause an accident. These accidents are the fault of the owner. They have a responsibility to those on the road to make sure their vehicle will not hurt other people. Sometimes, the insurance companies try to blame the innocent person in the crash, but when the crash is caused by an unsafe vehicle, only the owner of the unsafe vehicle is to blame.


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The DiCello Law Firm Lawyers have regularly worked with mechanics, engineers and crash reconstructionists to determine whether faulty maintenance has caused a serious and even fatal crash. If you or a loved one has been the victim of an improperly maintained vehicle, The DiCello Law Firm can help. Call 1-888-778-8880 or fill out the form on this page!

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