Parietal Lobe Injuries

The parietal lobe is located in the middle section of the brain. The parietal lobe is associated with processing tactile sensory information like pressure, touch, and pain. Parietal Lobe Brain Injuries Individuals with damage to the parietal lobes may have abnormalities in body image and spatial relations.

They can also have writing difficulty, math difficulty, right-left confusion, language problems and the inability to perceive objects normally.

Injury to this Part of the Brain May Cause You to Lose Your Ability to Care for Yourself

Perhaps one of the most striking affects to the loved ones of a parietal lobe injury is the victim’s inability to perform self-care skills such as dressing and washing.

While parietal lobe injuries are not common forms of brain injury, understanding the affects of this type of injury is critical. Only an experienced lawyer who knows how to handle a brain injury claims can effectively prove your case.


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A Lifetime of Financial Need May be Necessary for the Victim

Such a lawyer needs to understand not only specific brain anatomy but also how the injury to the brain has affected the life of the victim whether that victim is a child with a developing brain or an adult. That lawyer also needs to be able to devote the resources to proving a parietal lobe injury.

These cases require experienced lawyers that will devote the time and economic resources to prove your case. The DiCello Law Firm’s lawyers have the experience and ability to evaluate your case thoroughly and explore all potential sources of recovery.