Old Spice Deodorant Causing Severe Chemical Burns

Old Spice Deodorant has been causing chemical burns to some people Old Spice Deodorant Causing Severe Chemical Burns Chemical burns can be as serious as 2nd degree burns and can leave permanent scarring.

Every morning I go through the same routine. Get up, shower, brush my teeth, put on under arm deodorant and then get dressed. We all have our routines. However, what if one piece of that routine caused you to have chemical burns. That is happening to some people who use Proctor and Gamble’s Old Spice deodorant.

Old Spice Didn't Warn Consumers

For many years, Old Spice has been receiving complaints about their product causing chemical burns. However, Old Spice decided to not do anything about it. They didn’t warn consumers or report the complaints to the appropriate regulatory body. It took consumers complaining directly to Consumer Affairs for this to come to light.

Chemical Burns Can Lave Permanent Scarring

A chemical burn is not just a rash or irritation. It can be as bad as a 2nd degree burn. Burns are extremely painful and can take months to heal. It can also leave permanent scarring.

You Should Have Been Warned

If you have received a chemical burn as a result of using Old Spice deodorant, give me a call and we can talk about what can be done.