A Hidden Danger in Lurking in Your Kitchen - Exploding Pressure Cookers

Recently we have seen a number of reports of exploding pressure cookers. The common problem seems to be the lid explodes during normal use. Exploding Pressure Cookers These reports have occurred with specific pressure cookers less than a year old. If you have been injured by an exploding pressure cooker did you take the following steps before your accident?

Check the pressure cooker for damage. If you see any cracks or other damage to the exterior metal or plastic materials the pressure cooker is not safe to use. Also make sure the rubber gasket that lines the lid is in good condition. If it is dried out or torn it is not safe to use until the gasket is replaced.

Ensure Proper Pressure Cooker Maintenance

Make sure the surfaces of the pressure cooker are clean. Before and after you use the pressure cooker make sure all of the surfaces are clean including any valves. Also, do not lock the lid when storing your pressure cooker. You will better preserve the surfaces by storing the pressure cooker with the lid upside down on the pot.

Make Sure To Follow The Instructions For Your Pressure Cooker

Read and obey the warnings and instructions. Most manufacturers warn against overfilling because overfilling can clog or block the vents. Also, most pressure cookers are not capable of “pressure frying”. The reason is that oil can get very hot and cling to gaskets and other parts causing them to melt. This can be very dangerous and should be avoided. Finally, with most pressure cookers you release pressure by taking it off the heat and letting it cool to naturally relieve pressure, run cold water over the lid to relieve pressure or release the steam valve to relieve pressure. With any of these techniques the manufacturer’s directions on safety must be followed so that you don’t release hot liquid or steam in your direction.

You Need A Lawyer Who Understands

Unfortunately, from time to time, regardless of how cautious the consumer may be defective and dangerous pressure cookers fail. When they fail they have the potential of explosive and burn injuries. If you have been the victim of a defective or dangerous pressure cooker we will review your case for free and advise you on how you can hold the manufacturer accountable.