Veterans and Suicide

As a veteran, I have followed media reports about the toll twelve years of the War on Terror has taken on our young service men and women. Aside from physical wounds, post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD), depression and anxiety disorders are just some of the psychiatric conditions that our service members can develop. Veterans and Suicide Medical Professionals Are Taught To See The Signs Of Mental Illness And Suicide

These conditions come as a result of not only oversees deployments, but also the demanding operational tempo on state-side bases necessary to support oversees combat operations. Tragically, statistics reveal that suicides by active duty service members and veterans are on the rise.

It Is Important To Seek Proper Treatment For Mental Illness

Mental illness, treated improperly, can lead to progression of the disease. In some cases, untreated or improperly treated mental illness can lead to suicide. When this happens, the family of the victim often feels shame, embarrassment and confusion. However, once the family looks into the facts and circumstances of the suicide, they may begin to wonder if the death was preventable.

Medical Professionals Are Taught To See The Signs Of Mental Illness And Suicide

If the deceased family member was being seen by a physician prior to the suicide, whether for a mental or physical illness, the doctor may have been negligent in detecting or treating the mental illness. If this is the case, holding the doctor accountable can be a step in the healing process for the family. If the family member was a wage earner, a malpractice case against the doctor can help replace the lost income resulting from the death.

The DiCello Law Firm Can Help

Of course, not every suicide is preventable. If the family has questions, having the case reviewed by experienced medical malpractice attorneys is the first step the family should take.


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The lawyers at the DiCello Firm have successfully represented families whose loved ones have committed suicide as a result of malpractice by a health care provider, whether a family practice physician, internist, pediatrician, psychiatrist or psychologist.

Every physician and mental health professional has a duty to comply with a standard of care when presented with signs or symptoms of a potential mental illness or mental disorder. Attorneys at this firm can help a family evaluate whether a medical provider was negligent in the care provide their family member. If the case against a provider has merit, we will tell this to the family and consult with them as to their options, to include filing a medical malpractice action.

Once filed, we will vigorously prosecute the case. As in every case, we keep the family advised of significant events during the litigation. With the consent of the family, we will take the case to a jury trial and verdict if a fair settlement cannot be achieved.