Broadspire Is Looking Out For The Best Interest of Stryker, Not You The Patient

Stryker is trying to settle claims with the victims of the Rejuvenate and ABG-II Systems. Stryker will either directly contact patients or go through a company known as Broadspire. Broadspire is formally Broadspire Services, Inc. They have a global reach through a variety of companies. Stryker Rejuvenate Hip Implants How Do We Help Those Patients Who Have Been Contacted By Broadspire?

Their growth has been realized through its wide array of commercial clients, insurance carriers, and insurance brokers. That’s not to say big companies are bad. But, the truth is that Broadspire and Stryker work together. Their interests are necessarily aligned. At the end of the day, Broadspire must do what is good for Stryker. And, that may not be good for you.

I have been contacted by patients who are worried that hiring a lawyer will cost them money.

How Do We Help Those Patients Who Have Been Contacted By Broadspire?

My response to those patients is simple:

“If you’ve been offered money by Broadspire or Stryker to settle your Rejuvenate claim prior to hiring a lawyer, The DiCello Law Firm won’t take a fee on that amount if they agree to take your Rejuvenate case. If we take your Rejuvenate case, we will only take a fee on what we earn above that offer to settle that was made to you before you hired a lawyer.”

We Only Take What We Earn

As an example, if a patient is offered $100,000 to settle their claim before retaining a lawyer, The DiCello Law Firm, will only take a fee on amounts it recovers in excess of that $100,000 pre-lawyer offer. That way, the client wins.

The DiCello Law firm understands that Justice means putting their clients first.

The DiCello Law Firm has been investigating and looking into the actions of the Stryker Corporation even before they recalled the Rejuvenate and ABG-II modular hips. We have written extensively about what The Stryker Corporation's actions and other issues that are important to patients who have had a Rejuveante or ABG-II modular hip implanted into their bodies.


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