The New Three Letter Bad Word - 'Sue'

More and more often I hear that a person has been hurt but they are scared to sue. Their worry is, if they sue they are the bad guy, that they are somehow doing something wrong. This however is not true! The New Three Letter Bad Word - 'Sue' What Is The Proper Money or Cash Value Of An Injury?

How Did We Used To Solve Problems?

Going back to the days of the schoolyard, if one kid hurt another kid, that kid would get in trouble. The punishments would range from having to say you are sorry to being put in a time out. Sometimes the punishment was even worse if the kid had done this before. The punishment was almost always decided by someone else.

What Is The Principal Of The American Civil Legal System?

This is the exact same principal used in the civil legal system. Just like in the school yard, we have a person not involved with the case hear the facts and decide the proper result. In the civil court system, that person is either a jury or a judge.

What Is The Proper Money or Cash Value Of An Injury?

When you sue, you ask for only the amount of money back that is justified. This money will then go towards making things better for you. Unfortunately, when it comes to a serious injury or the loss of confidence in your police force and/or local government, money will never make you better again. Therefore, you might ask why sue?

What Is The Point Of Suing A Person, A Corporation, Or A Government?

The reason why you sue is for fairness and justice. It is to show the person, business or police force that you are not going to tolerate this. Some examples of Companies behaving poorly that I have personally been involved with are:


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This behavior of putting the general public in harm's way is not acceptable. In a criminal case, jail, prison, or a fine is used as a deterrent. In civil cases or cases between people, the only available option and deterrent is money! In a civil case, sending a person to jail is never an option.

The saying, “hit them where it hurts, in the wallet!” is a true saying. When a police force or large corporation is made to pay out a large sum of money, they sit up and listen. They learn that they can’t do whatever they want. They must play by the rules like everyone else.

Suing Is Not A Bad Thing!

So I confidently say that ‘sue’ is not a three letter bad word. It does not make you a bad person! It is an appropriate and reasonable thing to do when you have actually been injured by another!