Can You Win Your Case Even If You Don’t Know Who Hit You?

The answer is yes. Here in Ohio, the only thing needed to prove that an accident occurred is ‘corroborative evidence'. Corroborative evidence is anything that will show an accident has happened. That doesn't seem like it would be too hard to prove now would it? I mean if someone hit you, there should be no question about it. Hit and Run Accidents Ohio courts have given several examples as to what counts as corroborative evidence

What Does Corroborative Evidence Mean?

If you have had any experience with the law, you will understand how vague the term ‘corroborative evidence’ is. This can be interpreted to mean so many things. However, Ohio courts have given several examples as to what counts as corroborative evidence. Examples of corroborative evidence are: eye witness; paint chips; and videos.

Yes It Is Still Possible

So, it is possible to overcome the hurdle of not knowing who crashed into you. It might take some detective work, but it can be done! It takes finding the proper experts to do analysis on any of the available evidence or getting out into the community and talking with people.

You just can't give up. You have to keep on pushing and searching for the facts to prove that your damage or injuries were caused by another person and not made up.


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By: Mark Abramowitz