Meningitis Outbreak Update

More drugs made by the New England Compounding Company (NECC) have bacteria in them. Yesterday the FDA discovered that betamethasone and cardioplegia solutions made by the NECC tested positive for bacteria. Meningitis Outbreak Update Betamethasone is a main ingredient in steroid cream. Cardioplegia is used during heart surgeries.

The New Tainted Medicines

The Lots of the new tainted medicines are:

The Situation Keeps Getting Worse

The scariest part of what has been going on is the news about the blatant disregard for safety by NECC. Warnings previously given to NECC were tossed aside. All the red flags that were present were ignored.

This appears to me to be another situation of a corporation putting profits before people. When are these companies going to learn that they don’t save any money by killing people?


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Victims Need To Stand Up

Victims are put in the worst possible place in these types of situations. They have already been harmed and no amount of money or change will ever change that. However, it is also up to them to help prevent this from happening to others.

I know it is a lot to ask for, but this is important. Holding companies accountable goes a long way to bringing about the change that is required. Please help bring about this change!

The DiCello Law Firm has been helping victims stand up to those that have wronged them for almost 40 years now. If you are a victim of NECC's blanat disregard for human safety, click here to learn how The DiCello Law Firm can help you.