The truth from a client

A few days ago I received a message that a potential new client that wanted to meet with me. He had just received a letter from his Surgeon telling him that he’d been given a recalled hip by Stryker. The truth from a client Stryker Will Not Admit The Harm Being Caused By Their Recalled Hip

The letter also told him to call Stryker if he had questions. He did. Then he received another letter. This one was sent by Stryker.

Stryker Requests Victims’ Privileged Information

In the letter Stryker wanted the following:

  • Copies of the Pre/Post Operative Report
  • Copies of the Radiology
  • Medical Records/Lab Reports
  • Office Notes
  • Implant Sheet

Stryker Does Not Want Victims to Retain Counsel

They told him that all of these documents were necessary for them to properly investigate “his experience”. He was even assigned a Product Experience Report (PER) number. He also told me that a representative from Stryker called to talk to him a day after he received the letter. He asked the Stryker representative if he needed a lawyer. He was then told that he didn’t need a lawyer.

Stryker Will Not Admit The Harm Being Caused By Their Recalled Hip

He asked how long Stryker new their Rejuvenate Hip was bad. The representative said “they still really didn’t know if it was that bad, but were just trying to be careful.”

Victims Will Not Be Fooled

He then told me “That’s exactly what made me call you.” He explained that “it doesn’t take an educated man to figure out that they wouldn’t have recalled the thing if they didn’t know it was bad.”

The Fear Is Real

He then told me he “was scared”. He had worked in the automotive industry for over 30 years before retiring. He had a grown family. He lived the American Dream. And now, for the first time in his life, the future scared him.

Victims and Tax Payers Foot The Bill

He told me that he didn’t think it was right that his Medicare and medical supplement would have to pay for the first recalled Rejuvenate Hip, let alone this next surgery he’d have to have. He also said that he worried every day about the challenges of his next hip replacement. He said the anxiety over the future was too much.


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This experience is not unique to this man, who is now another client of the DiCello Law Firm. But as a lawyer I needed to hear his concerns. He said he hoped for justice and asked what that meant to me. I told him that all we can get him is money justice.

I told him that when the injustice is big then the money justice has to be big. But more importantly, if we all work hard enough, maybe we can make a difference to others so this doesn’t have to happen again.

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By: Mark DiCello