Everyone deserves their constitutional rights

I sometimes wonder if there are times or people who don’t deserve rights. I mean some people out there are bad people trying to do bad things. However, does that make it ok for the police to not give them their rights? The rights promised to them in the Constitution. Should police not be accountable for something they do to a real villain? police officers putting handcuffs on too tight Why it is we want to have fairness in our system

Sometimes I think not, but then I start to think about all the times that police have the wrong person. Or the times when a person was wrongfully convicted. If that person was brutally beaten up by police or had handcuffs put on them so tight that their hands fell off that would just not be right!

What is so amazing about living in America is that EVERYONE gets this protection no matter who you are! We all deserve to get the same protection. It doesn’t matter if you are a criminal, a good person or even a bad one. Police need to always be the bigger person! They need to take the high road since that is why we have them protecting us. I know we would not enjoy a country where there were no police.


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That being said, I ask all who read this to think to themselves why it is we want to have fairness in our system. Why it is important for everyone, no matter who they are to get the same treatment. To not have their hands fall off because a cop put the handcuffs on too tight.

If you think the police have treated you unfairly, give me a call and we can talk about it.

By: Mark Abramowitz